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Smart Actuator for 2- and 3-way valves


Smart Actuator for 2- and 3-way valves

How energy efficiency is improved

Valve actuator with integrated, freely programmable controller and cloud connection in one device. Can be integrated into a local building automation system via BACnet or into the SAUTER Cloud via MQTT. Communicates via WLAN and Bluetooth. Automatic adaptation to the valve stroke, precise activation and high energy efficiency with minimal operating noise and smart functions


  • Smart Actuator as an intelligent IoT solution for autonomous control of heating and air-conditioning applications in smart buildings

  • Ready-made HVAC standard applications enable efficient installation and commissioning of small systems

  • Applications are selected from the library via smartphone app and installed on the Smart Actuator

  • BACnet, Bluetooth LE and WLAN interface for flexible system integration

  • Commissioning, parameterisation and remote access to the system are conveniently carried out via a smartphone app

  • As an IoT device, the cloud connection for remote access takes place via MQTT using TLS encryption

  • Extensive diagnostic data from the actuator enables predictive maintenance of installations

  • Enables creation of Smart Actuator networks with distributed intelligence

  • Optionally, the Smart Actuator can be used flexibly in BA networks due to free programmability via CASE Suite

  • Real-time clock for calendar functions and time programmes

  • Two universal I/Os for connecting external sensors and actuators

  • Direct connection of a room operating unit

  • Flexibly expandable with up to two Smart Actuator SAIO 100 I/O modules for comprehensive control tasks

  • Pre-assembled cables, with colour- and mechanically-coded connectors, allow fast and error-free wiring

  • Toolless assembly by means of automatic valve stem connection and brass cap nut

  • BLDC motor technology enables extensive diagnostic functions

  • Intelligent stroke adaptation and detection incl. feedback signal

  • Electronic, torque-dependent cut-off

  • Gear unit can be disengaged for manual adjustment

  • For activation of 2-way and 3-way valves of the VUN/BUN, VUD/BUD and VUE/BUE series

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