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SAUTER Vision Center

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SAUTER Vision Center

Central building management and visualisation of decentralised installations

SAUTER Vision Center (SVC) is a web-based building management solution in the HTML5 standard for running and visualising the building operation. SVC is suitable for both larger single buildings and entire real estate parks or distributed premises.

Sauter Vision Center verbindet verschiedene Gebäude

Typical areas of use are office complexes, business parks, college and industrial campuses, airports, railway stations, hospitals or internationally distributed branch networks. The modular concept allows the software to be extended precisely to meet the customer requirements of every installation. Therefore, SVC gathers all of the data for the entire building and energy management and makes it available to the user from anywhere at all times.

Sauter Vision Center in der Anwendung am Screen


    For the integration of individual equipment systems, SAUTER Vision Center supports the manufacturer-independent BACnet standard (B-AWS certified), as well as connection to OPC servers for integrating different protocols in the building automation. In order to fully support the integration options, it is also possible to directly connect SAUTER moduWeb Vision via web services and SAUTER novaNet installations. This makes it possible to connect existing systems when converting to the new generation of building management software without having to replace the existing automation level.

    SAUTER Vision Center sends alarms directly via e-mail or text message to mobile phones according to the responsibilities assigned. With its many user-defined settings in customisable dashboards, SAUTER Vision Center guarantees maximum user convenience.

    The energy monitoring module integrates energy meters and other data from the buildings to create a comprehensive energy consumption display. Thus, daily, weekly, monthly and annual consumption can be automatically calculated and represented in diagrams. The maintenance module for SAUTER Vision Center is also used for the optimum planning and efficient execution of servicing and FM tasks. Here support is also provided by plant device data capture, the definition of maintenance intervals and the automatic triggering of maintenance cycles based on building management information. This enables complete concentration on the monitoring and evaluation of the installations, as well as their continuous and optimum operation, and contributes to efficient, sustainable building and energy management. SAUTER Vision Center can be deployed in virtual IT environments and uses Microsoft SQL databases. These modern architectures and infrastructures enable topics such as high availability, redundancy via cluster systems and corresponding load assignments (provisioning) to be implemented and used. (Scalable via MS SQL Express up to SQL Enterprise depending on the specified properties, virtual IT environments and high-availability VMware & SQL Enterprise.)

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