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Mobile Building Services (MBS)

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Mobile Building Services (MBS)

Mobile Building Services (MBS): Room operation via app

SAUTER Mobile Building Services (MBS) is a SAUTER cloud solution that is offered for various applications for buildings and premises. In combination with the Mobile Room Control (MRC) app available for smartphones and tablets, it can control room conditions in apartment, hotel and office buildings. The easy-to-use app – even from outside the room or building – and the related user comfort help fulfil the requirements of planners and builders for a state-of-the-art building.


  • Connects the local building management, including the integral room automation, with the room operation via smartphone or tablet

  • Control of lighting, temperature, window blinds and ventilation (depending on the building equipment)

  • Access can be configured with different rights and validity periods

  • Through the integration of “Indoor Localisation” or “Geofencing”, automatic allocation to the respective available options

  • The perfect solution for apartment buildings, boarding houses, luxury apartments, hotels and office buildings

  • High level of security and up-to-date functionality thanks to Microsoft Azure technology

  • MRC app available free of charge in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store

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