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Room controller, ecos301, 302

EY-RC 301, 302

Room controller, ecos301, 302

How energy efficiency is improved

The ecos 3 controller enables precise room climate regulation and thus ensures minimum energy consumption in the room.


  • Part of the SAUTER EY-modulo 3 system family (BACnet MS/TP)

  • Single-room controller for an energy-optimised room climate

  • BACnet room controller (B-ASC) for fan coil unit, chilled beam, chilled ceiling, radiator heater etc.

  • Individual adjustment of the room climate with the ecoUnit382 room operating unit (EY-RU 382)

  • Universal PI and/or binary controller sequence for all the analogue and digital input/output signals

  • Optimises energy consumption thanks to presence function, window contact monitoring, demand-controlled switching of fan speeds and time-dependent setpoint specification

  • Additional functions: automatic heating/cooling changeover, automatic switching on, setpoint compensation, free external cooling and other

  • Mathematical functions for universal inputs: Subtraction, mean, min. and max.

  • Eight freely assignable alarm conditions with a selectable status for the outputs for an alarm condition

  • Time and weekly calendar function (time software)

  • Integration into building management system via BACnet router (MS/TP to IP)

  • Parametrisation with ecoUnit382 room operating unit

  • System bus: RS-485 (BACnet MS/TP)

  • Bus for operating unit: RS-485 (VCPP)

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ecos301 - Room Controller; B-ASC,MS/TP,13I/O,2LP
ecos302 - Room Controller;B-ASC,MS/TP,16IO,2LP
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