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Energy Data Logger for EMS

EDL 50/55

Energy Data Logger for EMS
How energy efficiency is improved
The SAUTER EDL50 and EDL55 enable you to analyse energy consumption comprehensively. The Energy Data Loggers gather data from different meters as well as other sources and send it to the EMS server. This lets you keep track of your consumption values independently of any Building Management System (BMS).

Areas of application
The SAUTER EDL entry-level version with up to 50 data points can record meter readings directly and sends them completely automatically to the EMS server. Ideal areas of use include recording the energy data from smaller properties that are spread out or additional recordings from meters independent of BMS and measuring points. This is performed with the drivers supplied in the software for BACnet/IP, Modbus (IP-RTU), M-Bus, KNX IP and IEC 61107. A special feature in the EDL50/55 is the integrated M-Bus master for 25 devices, which enables the M-Bus meter to be connected up directly.


  • Integrated M-Bus master for 25 devices
  • No moving parts
  • No fan
  • Memory on flash card
  • SIM card (EDL55 only)

Technical description
  • Power supply: 18...30 V= (0.7 A max, typ. 2.4 W) by terminal block fitted with Phoenix screw terminals
  • EDL50/55 can be mounted directly on the top-hat rail according to EN 60715
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