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CASE Suite

GZS 100, 150

CASE Suite

How energy efficiency is improved

SAUTER CASE Suite is a software package for handling building automation projects. Its comprehensive, tried-and-tested library contains energy-efficient strategies and methods. SAUTER CASE Suite is also highly flexible when it comes to adapting solutions to special circumstances, so that even very unusual customer installations can be efficiently operated in terms of energy.


  • Supports the whole process of a project, from the planning stage to the engineering, commissioning and servicing phases

  • ‘Nerve centre’ for the project data and software programs

  • Seamless integration of the solution libraries

  • Safeguards the workflow between the specialist sub-programs (CASE Builder, CASE Engine, CASE Vision)

  • Planning and documentation of the system technology

  • Commercial and technical project processing

  • Creates the regulation, control and optimisation functions

  • Puts the automation stations into service

  • Based on the Microsoft Windows operating system

  • Multi-lingual program (German, English and French)

  • Licence is required for full use of the program

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